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With more than 40 years of local market advertising expertise, MNI is the solution for marketers looking for a smart and simple way to reach their targeted online and mobile audience without waste.

The multimedia targeted advertising industry leader, MNI partners with top-tier national sites to deliver highly targeted online and mobile campaigns.

MNI is the leading provider of targeted ads for thousands of sites throughout the country.

  • Multi-market regional campaigns on geo-targeted national sites
  • National programs on local media sites
  • Mobile WAP/in-app display, hyper-targeted to latitude/longitude, ZIP-code and DMA

For more information, contact your MNI Account Executive, click here for local sales offices, or call 800-225-3457.

MNI is a single resource for digital marketing solutions, and effective, turnkey campaigns include :

Expert Market Research and Strategy

MNI employs state-of-the-art technology in every aspect of the business to provide clients with local market intelligence and campaign strategy. From AtPlan and comScore to Nielsen//NetRatings and access to Omnipoint, a proprietary system for evaluating unmeasured local media sites, the MNI team can quickly provide clients with the optimal media plan in select markets throughout the country.

Full-Service Media Planning and Buying

MNI offers the timesaving convenience of a single contact, and the world-class services that clients rely on. By leveraging the resources of Time Inc., MNI brings clients even more value to every media buy.

  • MNI provides streamlined access to more than 8,000 local and national sites, ad networks, and major portals.
  • Capitalizing on the negotiating leverage of Time Inc., MNI offers extremely competitive rates.
  • An expert planning and buying staff helps navigate a complex media landscape.
  • Customized site aggregation meets client-specific campaign objectives.

Ad Trafficking and Serving

By working with DoubleClick DART and Pointroll, clients are assured accurate, reliable, and efficient campaign serving and tracking with the ability to quickly rotate in new creative to meet the needs of a dynamic campaign.

MNI supports the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines for Interactive Marketing Units. For examples of rich media and video click here.

Reporting and Optimization

With a dedicated analytics team, MNI is committed to monitoring and optimizing campaign performance. Reports and recommendations are generated frequently to ensure all campaigns are maximizing ROI. MNI also provides clients with post-campaign analysis, including specific recommendations and insights for future schedules.

Billing and Reconciliation

Consolidate your entire digital buy into one convenient invoice with MNI and streamline the reconciliation process. All programs are IAB compliant and require only a single contract and credit authorization. For more information on targeted online advertising, check out the links below.


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