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Frequently Asked Questions


Who gets the MNI magazine ads?

MNI partners with leading national magazines to provide target market advertisers access to a highly desirable audience in select geographies. MNI magazine ads are available to subscribers within a given geography. Subscribers are the core of a magazine's readership, and they most accurately represent the title's demographic profile. MNI ads are not available on the newsstand. For more information about advertising with MNI, contact your MNI Account Executive.


Is MNI an online ad network?

MNI is not an ad network, and we have no affiliation with specific websites. Rather, an MNI Account Executive objectively reviews an advertiser's goals and recommends the right medium to get results - both online and in magazines. MNI partners with trusted, world-class content providers to help target marketers efficiently and effectively reach their audience. MNI works with more than 8,000 local and national websites, ad networks, and major portals as well as more than 40 prestigious magazines, to offer advertisers the right mix of media to reach their objectives. For more information about the online advertising expertise offered by MNI, click here. For details on MNI's targeted magazine products, click here.


Is targeted advertising right for me?

Most businesses have priority markets, or select geographies, that give them a higher return on their investment. With MNI, you can reach those geographies without waste, in magazines or online. For more information on your target market, click here. By advertising with MNI you'll reach your best customers in precisely the markets you need to grow your business! To see a quick video overview, click here. Contact your MNI Account Executive to learn more.


How can I get more information about a specific geography?

Your MNI Account Executive can provide market intelligence for any of MNI's demographic and geographic magazine market offerings, and the benefits of targeted online advertising. Check out the Market Locator section of this site, or contact your MNI Account Executive for specifics.


Where do I send ad materials?

Production specifications can be found here, or call the MNI Ad Services Department at 800-225-3457.


How can I find an MNI representative in my area?

Your MNI Account Executive can provide additional information about targeted advertising in your area. You may also call 877-ASK-4MNI and an MNI Account Executive will get back to you.


How much does it cost to advertise with MNI?

MNI provides the most efficient and effective use of your media budget by advertising to the right audience, in the right medium, at the right time. Who you want to reach and how you reach them will determine the cost of your ad schedule. Magazine rates can be found here, but for more information, contact your MNI Account Executive.


What's the difference between "subscribers" and "impressions"?

Subscribers are the number of people who subscribe to a magazine in a given market. Impressions include pass-along readership - the subscribers PLUS anyone who is exposed to one of the magazines. Because someone can read more than one publication in an MNI package, MNI offers built-in frequency (or multiple impressions from one reader) with a single insertion. For more information about the number of subscribers or impressions in your priority markets, view the MNI geographies here.


April closing dates

Issue MNI Product Closing
Jun Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cover Wraps 4/1
Jul Monthly Cover Wraps4/1
May News 4/1
Jun Business 4/1
Jun Thought Leader 4/1
Jun Entertainment 4/7
Jul Family 4/7
Jul Healthy Living 4/7
Jul Men 4/7
May News 3-book 4/14
Jul Beauty 4/14
Jul Luxury 4/14
Jul Style & Design 4/14
Jul Hispanic n/a