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More magazine cover More magazine is edited for affluent influential women. More focuses on fashion, beauty, health, work and money, food, travel, and entertainment in a sophisticated format, highlighted by lively contemporary design. Many of the stories focus on personal and professional reinvention and are told in first person by a woman.

Median Age: 53
Male/Female: 4%/96%
Median HHI: $92,808

Source: GfK MRI, Doublebase 2012.

Siempre Mujer Magazine cover Siempre Mujer is for the Hispanic woman living in the U.S. who keeps her traditions alive and embraces new American values. It reflects her lifestyle, aspirations and dreams. Siempre Mujer is her champion and trusted friend to turn to on family, relationships, health, home, self development, and ultimately, empowerment. Siempre Mujer is her road map for better living.

Median Age: 36
Male/Female: 31%/69%
Median HHI: $46,054

Source: GfK MRI, Doublebase 2012.

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine cover The face of 'keeping it real' cooking and entertaining, Rachael Ray is the go-to girl for quick and easy recipes. Her magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, combines her love of great food with her desire to live a healthy, happy, and beautiful life. With features that go beyond food to decorating and entertaining, fashion and beauty, travel, reviews, and more, each issue showcases Rachael's infectious positive energy and spunky style.

Median Age: 42
Male/Female: 11%/89%
Median HHI: $73,488

Source: GfK MRI, Doublebase 2012.

Maxim knows what guys like. From cars and careers to gadgets and girls, and everything in between, Maxim delivers for men. Funny, sexy, and always entertaining, with expert advice on autos, relationships, business, pop culture, technology, finance, and more, Maxim is the go-to guide for busy, active guys.

Median Age: 32
Median HHI: $69,526

Source: GfK MRI, Doublebase 2012.


April closing dates

Issue MNI Product Closing
Jun Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cover Wraps 4/1
Jul Monthly Cover Wraps4/1
May News 4/1
Jun Business 4/1
Jun Thought Leader 4/1
Jun Entertainment 4/7
Jul Family 4/7
Jul Healthy Living 4/7
Jul Men 4/7
May News 3-book 4/14
Jul Beauty 4/14
Jul Luxury 4/14
Jul Style & Design 4/14
Jul Hispanic n/a