Locate Your Market

Case Studies

From large-scale, multi-market campaigns to effective reach of a single geography, MNI has the breadth of products and services necessary to meet local market advertiser objectives. Here, you'll get insight on how MNI partnered with advertisers to successfully deliver on both local and national campaign goals with precise targeting of key geographies and demographics.

Check out the highlights below representing various MNI solutions across industries. These client stories illustrate the creativity and flexibility of MNI's offerings, and their success for a wide variety of advertisers.


April closing dates

Issue MNI Product Closing
Jun Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cover Wraps 4/1
Jul Monthly Cover Wraps4/1
May News 4/1
Jun Business 4/1
Jun Thought Leader 4/1
Jun Entertainment 4/7
Jul Family 4/7
Jul Healthy Living 4/7
Jul Men 4/7
May News 3-book 4/14
Jul Beauty 4/14
Jul Luxury 4/14
Jul Style & Design 4/14
Jul Hispanic n/a